September 15, 2013

"Hay más protestas que lluvia en Buenos Aires”

That’s what the cab driver told me when I asked just how normal these impromptu protests are on the streets of Buenos Aires. It means “There are more protests than rain in Buenos Aires.”

Some friends and I stumbled across this small demonstration on our way to grab a quick lunch yesterday, in Palermo Soho. Palermo Soho is a really trendy neighbourhood here, and one of my favourites. There are lots of fun boutiques, restaurants, bars and boliches (nightclubs) and in the evenings the whole area is buzzing. We come here fairly often so this was totally unexpected!

Apparently, the motivation behind the protest was that local artisans are unable to sell their work without permits, and with the Argentine bureaucracy this is not an easy process for them, leaving them unable to support themselves.

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September 13, 2013

These pictures are from Tigre, Buenos Aires. It’s definitely a day trip worth doing if you have time to spare in Bs As. It’s about an hour away from Retiro station by train on the Mitre line.

Tigre is a town on the Paraná Delta and although it is extremely touristy, there are some gorgeous buildings and it is a very charming place. The houses along the rivers and streams vary substantially in style, something I enjoyed on our hour long boat tour of the area. A lot of the houses and cottages are only accessible by boat, and there are water buses that take residents from the town centre to their houses. Many of the houses have names chiselled on to wooden signs on their personal mini-jetties on the river. One of my favourites was called Puerto Alegria  —Port of Joy.

We were really lucky with the weather, it was an unseasonably hot day and the sun shined the whole time we were there. The rivers here, especially the Rio de la Plata, are known for being a muddy brown colour, and with the sunny blue skies this really stood out while we were exploring Tigre. Everyone keeps telling us that the river isn’t dirty, and to be fair we did see some people swimming in it, but I certainly was not tempted in the slightest! Also- a word of warning: the Puerto de Frutos craft fair is lovely but very crowded, and although we didn’t go in, and only saw it from the boat, the Parque de la Costa amusement park seemed packed, too.

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August 30, 2013

Some photos from the graffiti tour we took of Colegiales, Buenos Aires this afternoon.

Graffiti became popular in Buenos Aires in the 90s when democracy was reestablished. This meant that people were able to express themselves once more in public spaces. It was brought to Argentina by the young middle class people who had travelled to Europe and therefore does not have the same connotations as it does in the US, for example, where it is often seen as a part of gang culture.

Graffiti is so prolific here that almost every building has some form of graffiti on it, even if it’s just someone’s name. There are also many murals, some commissioned by home or business owners, that are really incredible, covering massive walls and entire houses.

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August 20, 2013

Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Basílica Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

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My new digs for the next four months!

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Day ONE - 20th August 2013

And 13,497 miles later… I’m here!

I haven’t been able to explore much today. After landing during a beautiful sunrise, I’ve spent most of today settling in and unpacking. The staff at NYU BA seem lovely, and the city is utterly charming from what I’ve seen so far. I wandered around Recoleta, my new neighbourhood, with a friend this evening and it is really lovely. Brimming with places to eat and beautiful landmarks.

Dinner with the family was great; they are very warm and sweet. I’m already feeling at home! Just a couple of things that I need to get used to… my room is on the ground floor and it’s really loud. It kind of feels like I’m sleeping on the street…. which isn’t helped by the intermittent roars of thunder. But so far, so good. I’m so excited for this adventure to begin!

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August 16, 2013

And so it begins…

Just three days to go until I board my flight to Buenos Aires for my semester abroad! The anticipation is killing me…

But first, I should probably start packing.

¡Hasta Luego!

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